This photo was taken pre-COVID-19, before social distancing guidelines were in place.

Of all the OGI Culinary Program graduates, this year’s will always be a little extra special. How can they not be? They have rolled with the fluctuations of this pandemic, learning online when they couldn’t be in the kitchen with Chef Cinthia, watching a world-class pro at work. They studied their life skills coursework at home, unable to practice situational learning with life skills mentor and OGI Executive Director Judy Lamborn in person.

But here they are, ready to graduate in just a few short days in spite of the obstacles and distractions that could have derailed their progress into the professional culinary world and a life freedom and stability. All we can say is WOW, and express how PROUD of them we all are. The determination and focus they showed are proof that you’ll be ready to weather the storms and keep going in the food industry. Now Let’s hear from a few of these amazing students:

“Judy has been a motivation for me to follow. She’s given me a lot of security with her classes. She has helped me boost my self-esteem when I started to feel weak. I remember lessons like the cutting of the chains and the lion in the mirror. I look at myself and shake my body, and I say I can do it! And I keep going. Thank you very much, Judy, for the opportunity, and your teachings. You are a very kind person.” —Martha 

“OGI came into my life in very difficult times, I  always had an interest in cooking but today I am convinced that this is what I want to do. They have given a new direction to my life and a great push to a new and better future for me and my daughter.  I am grateful for all the support they have given me.” – Janet 

Congratulations Class of 2020! We are so excited to see where your future takes you.

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