Open Gate Kitchen, the foodservice social venture of OGI, will be offering its fresh, healthy, internationally inspired fare through DoorDash, UberEats, Postmates and GrubHub beginning May 18! All of this glorious food is handmade by our very own Chef Cinthia and our talented OGI graduates, and offers another great way to support our students and culinary arts school while enjoying some truly amazing food!

The menu reflects some of our favorites from a variety of cultures and cooking styles. Our healthy, delicious, customiza-bowls (served hot) like the Mexi-Cali, Mediterranean and Korean-style BBQ bowls feature balanced nutrition with protein choices like steak, chicken or salmon. There’s also a complete Grab & Go menu of chilled items, like the My Thai bowl made with brown rice, sautéed carrots and red cabbage, sprouts and shredded eggs with orange peanut sauce, a lime wedge and cilantro to season to your liking. Yum!  Also, on the Grab & Go menu: High-protein egg-based snack boxes like the Curry Flurry or Love, Bacon, that include gourmet deviled eggs with different mixes of nuts and cheeses. Or, you could order a freshly made salad bowl like the Victory Lap with quinoa, spinach, red onions, sliced apples and crumbled feta with House citrus honey vinaigrette on the side. Are you hungry yet?

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We are excited for this social venture to come to life step by step. Open Gate Kitchen will bring awareness to what’s possible for adults from vulnerable life situations. Not only will Open Gate Kitchen demonstrate the success and personal growth of our culinary program graduates, it will serve as an important community connection for OGI and our mission. Stay safe and healthy!