This past year with the onset of the pandemic has brought a whole new set of challenges and has seen our staff and students triumph in the face of change. As we look ahead to 2021, we know that there may be more uncertainty ahead. We also know we can tackle anything that comes our way if we work together and don’t give up! This coming year will be one of hope and continued growth. Here are a couple things we’re particularly excited about:

Applications being accepted now

New classes are starting in January 2021. While some things may be different, including social distancing and mandatory mask wearing, what hasn’t changed is our teams’ excitement when it comes to seeing new students start on their journey with Open Gate International. Chef Cinthia and the team are thrilled to be back in the kitchen and connecting with students in person.

We’re passionate about championing victorious futures for those in vulnerable life situations, and registration is a time of transformation and growth for those taking this next step in life. Training in our culinary program includes classwork, daily lectures and hands-on training. Both culinary and life skills are taught as we look to provide a well-rounded experience for all students. At the completion of the program, students will be certified to work in an entry-level position within the food service industry. Training includes:

  • Kitchen Introduction, Cooking Techniques and Baking
  • Recipes, Menus and Quality Control
  • Kitchen Brigade Preparation
  • Maintaining a Positive Attitude
  • Recognizing Your Strengths
  • Working in a Team

Register online today to start the application process for our 2021 program.

Open Gate Kitchen in Moldova

In September we celebrated the grand opening of Open Gate Kitchen in Costa Mesa. Now, Open Gate Kitchen is going international with our second location in Moldova! The restaurant social venture serves up handcrafted healthy, fresh cuisine while creating jobs and providing on-the-job life skills training for our culinary graduates. The menu will once again be developed by our own Chef Cinthia and will feature a Moldovan twist. Stay tuned to learn more about this exciting workforce development opportunity in Moldova!

More to come

There’s more to come in 2021 and we can’t wait to share everything with you. Be sure to follow our social media channels and check in with our blog for more updates as we look ahead to a new year!