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Mexico City Partnership // Update

As some of you may know, Open Gate has spread its wings internationally and has partnered up with some amazing organizations that are continuing to change lives all over the…

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Open Gate Moldova Partners with Local Business Owner!

On her visit to Moldova in April, OGI Founder Deidre Pujols met with Ellia Catricci, a local business owner and vocational trainer. Ellia has her own school of cosmetology in…

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Deidre Pujols India Visit

Recently, the Open Gate International team received an invitation from Vision Rescue to travel to Mumbai, India in an effort to explore possibilities of helping vulnerable populations in that city.…

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Youth Culinary Training and Prevention Program in Antonesti, Moldova

What an exciting day! A week before Christmas, the first graduating class of the Youth CulinaryTraining Program in Antonesti Moldova came to the capital city of Chisinau for a celebration.…

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CEO & Founder Deidre Pujols Visits Moldova

Recently, Open Gate International Founder and CEO Deidre Pujols visited her team and partners on the ground in Moldova. Her visit was perfectly timed, as the first major culinary project…

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Moldova Safe Summer Wrap Up!

As you may have read… read previous post here Open Gate International had the pleasure of partnering with Strong Foundations Moldova to provide ten young men with some fantastic opportunities…

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