Like many families at the peak of the (CV-19) pandemic, many Moldovans are facing hard times, especially those with large family units or those hit with unemployment and continuing hardships.

Life in Moldova is tough especially for children in State care. 

Thankfully, OGI has provided urgent practical aid in the form of care packages containing nutrition-rich groceries and sanitation products – delivering them to over 100 families in the past two weeks. Many of these families had little food items left in their pantries, making these donations both timely and essential.

We were honored that the head of Municipal Foster Care Services, Mrs. Olga Zaharia, joined our team’s efforts to hand deliver OGI packages to local families, and expressed her personal gratitude to OGI for our ongoing partnership work with her governmental team.

We received many wonderful testimonies from governmental staff and the foster families themselves, who were appreciative of the donations and our continued partnership investments through therapeutic trainings and wraparound support.

Happiness Through Sharing

“A big thank you to OGI for your care and attention to us in these difficult days. We are so grateful that you are thinking of us and the children we care for…we wish you could see their happiness shining in their eyes.” –Maria Cravecenco, foster parent

“We wish this world would have more people like OGI Moldova.” –Mrs. Lucia Caciuc, Head of Child Protective Services, Moldova

“With all my heart and gratitude, I thank you, OGI for helping us at this hard time – for not leaving our side and for having big, big hearts.” –Ms. Galina Varganova, foster parent

*Please note: We are continuing our front-line efforts by supporting all 100 families throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. Any donation you can give will go directly to our foster families caring for displaced and orphaned children. Thank you for making a difference to families in need.