Open Gate International was founded by Deidre Pujols in 2016. She had visited several countries and during her travels, learned of the devastating emotional, social and economic impact wrought by human trafficking and other exploitive industries. These experiences deeply affected Deidre and she was determined to get involved and make an impact. After speaking to many organizations already filling roles through rescue, rehabilitation and other services, she found that a critical element of survivor support was missing: Job training and workforce integration. Out of this, OGI was born.

Our program is now operating in four international countries and is accredited by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation.

“One of the students asked me why I do this. I told him, ‘You are the reason.’
Each person that succeeds just reminds me how many more survivors around the world need better opportunities to thrive. We want hundreds of thousands of people to benefit from our programs.



Deidre Pujols

Chef Cinthia Worsey

Leonie K. Webster

Director of International Child Welfare

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