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How It All Started

In April of 2016, Deidre Pujols had the privilege to once again pursue her humanitarian heart by traveling to different parts of the world to learn about human trafficking and other exploitations that were beyond what she knew existed. She was not sure what she was after specifically, but she knew it was intentional and deep. Deidre connected with NGO’s, ministries, and government officials that are part of an enormous war, fighting battles against exploitation at every level.

Toward the fall of 2016, after traveling internationally and gathering information every month, Deidre started to ask what she could do to help combat this global crisis. She began to wonder if she could provide access to a new way of life for those escaping human trafficking or any of the exploitation she was witnessing and, if the answer was yes, then how could that be done.


I have befriended the most phenomenal, passionate people around the world whose lives are dedicated to the cause of helping those caught in this atrocity that has literally taken over entire cities.
— Deidre Pujols, Chief Catalyst

Meet the Team

Our team is dedicated to identifying vocational opportunities throughout the world that will provide students in need with the opportunity to gain independent economic success. Once vocational needs have been identified, we develop the program with top-tier professionals, integrate life skills mentoring and job placement assistance while providing all of it at no cost to the students to set them on a course of sustainable life success.

The Culinary Skills Program is our first vocational training program.

Run and developed by leading life skills mentor Judy Lamborn and Chef Cinthia Worsey, it has already experienced the success of job placement!

If you are a potential student, please visit Programs for more information. If you are a professional and would like to provide your skills to a vocational program, please contact us at If you are interested in partnering with OGI to provide goods, services or other monetary donations, please contact Judy Lamborn.

Deidre Pujols

Chief Catalyst

Judy Lamborn

Executive Director

Leonie K. Webster

Clinical Consultant & International Child Welfare Advisor

Carolyn Roberts

Executive Assistant

Lance Nozik

Moldova Director of Business Development

Chef Cinthia Carolina

Executive Chef, Hero’s Catering


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